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I will definitely have Cam Security give us a proposal the next time we have security needs.

We moved into a house that already had a Cam Security system, so I can't comment on the installation however, the service since the transfer has been awesome.

I had a nice guy named Ryan come out and give me an estimate.

He was very experienced and you could tell he knew what he was talking about.

Unfortunately, since the big sites are set up to be very generic, your ability to finely refine the cameras that you’re interested in is going to be pretty limited.If this information saved you some time, all that we ask is that you share it with your friends. It’s tough keeping up with all of the offerings and changes that are out there.Send us a note telling us what the change is and what you’re using as a reference.He gave me a discount since we did both our home and business with their company.I would highly recommend them to all my close family and friends.

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For instance, sorting by brand will be easy, but what if you only want cameras with on-board memory for video storage?