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If you tell them something, keep your word." m ACKNOWLEDGMENTS To Trcssa's mother, Luann Murdoch, for planting the seeds.

A professor once said, "As you live your life pick a bouquet of memories. President Woodruff came here and blessed the land with a mighty prophecy and blessing.38-2931 DAVIC i U\OND ♦ LILLIAN » FAiu^UM EARLY UPLAND COMMUNITIES BETWEEN FALL & TETON RIVERS CONTENTS Chapter Page Dedication U Preface m Acknowledgments IV Introduction VI 1 The Church Record 1 2 Our Pioneer Schools 9 3 Conant Creek Canal & Camp Henry 25 4 A Panoramic Bird's Eye View 31 5 Ten Communities in Our Area 51 6 Servicemen & Women 57 7 Our Cemeteries 59 8 Family Histories 61 9 A Collection of Names 399 10 Maps & Homestead Records 403 I DEDICATION "Tread softly...The years roll out a carpet of memories for our hearts to walk on." - Blaine Blake This book is of hope, courage, love, admonition, sadness, sickness, sorrow, sometimes death, and yet through it all you get the feeling of the pioneers desire to give to their famihes a better place to live, so we dedicate this book to those who made the history. Some memories arc not so fragrant, but they can be exchanged for others." - Alice Burcyk II PREFACE In 1852, when Brigham Young first sent scouts to look over this valley there was such heavy fi-ost every night of the summer that they abandoned the idea of settling here.The log school was constructed during the summer, but it was not completed until Oaober, and so school was held in the living room of a nearby form house until the harvest was completed and the building could be finished. The long-horned Texas cattle were seen in these valleys and in the streams, wild game and fishing were plentifijl. I remember my father having to go up the canal to fix washouts which sometimes would wash out some of the crops. The squirrels also would destroy quite a bit of the grain and some years poison would be set out for them. The hard work and discouragements that brought them so close together to bind a bond of friendship that is still very special, even to the descendants that still remain today. Among those who had their first lessons in swimming and to my knowledge there was never a casualty in the building of the canal or the young people who spent many hours playing on its banks.something that could be warmed up for all the children's noon meal. Indians had roamed these bcautiftil valleys but through the diligence, faith and toil of these fine men and women this became another desert that blossomed as the rose. As the years have passed this is one of the greatest achievements that was made in subduing the land.

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Lloyd Mc Farlin, Carla Whitmore, Jackie Baird GRAINVILLE - This one-room frame building was located near the railroad in Grainville. What little crops and gardens were raised at that time were ofttimes destroyed by squirrels.