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Correct dating dictionary guide official sexually

Think about it: If an innocent person is charged with wrongdoing, what protections should that innocent person have against being wrongly or arbitrarily punished and dishonored?If you or a loved one—your brother, sister, father, mother, or friend—had to face a tribunal and its rules, what expectations of fair procedure and an honest search for truth would you truly have?Offenses that are considered relatively minor in the criminal justice system are sometimes categorized as major on campus and can lead to severe punishment.

Be advised: Every disciplinary proceeding has its own individual nuances and challenges. Every case is different, so making specific recommendations about strategy is difficult.

(Please note: While this Guide discusses the law, your rights, and legal precedent in detail, it is not intended to provide formal legal advice.

If you seek legal advice, we urge you to contact an attorney.) Even if you have only a specific question, try to read the Guide in its entirety.

If you face serious disciplinary action at a college or university, you are not alone.

Thousands of students are tried in campus hearings each year, facing penalties that extend to suspension or expulsion.

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Over time, we have learned that we cannot separate how we reach decisions from the justice of those decisions.