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It performs in schools and hospitals, and prepares school classes for its subscription concerts.Furthermore, it invites audiences to discover orchestral music with the help of well-known presenters such as Jean-François Zygel in its «Dating:» series.Gustavo Gimeno, Music Director The orchestra of the Grand Duchy, the Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg (OPL), represents a very dynamic part of the culture of its country.Since its brilliant debut in 1933 under the aegis of Radio Luxembourg (RTL), the orchestra has performed all over Europe.We must thank Bob Looker and Random House for sixteen articles in Rosa Luxemburg, Selected Political Writings, edited and introduced by Robert Looker, 1974 and to Dick Howard and Monthly Review Press for six articles from Selected Political Writings, Rosa Luxemburg, 1971 together with eight articles from The National Question: Selected Writings by Rosa Luxemburg, edited and introduced by the late Horace B. None of the interesting and informative background material in the introductions to these books is on the MIA and readers will have to find them in print form.Dick Howard has pointed out that he has updated and reworked the materials in the Introduction to 1971 book as a chapter in his work The Marxian Legacy (2nd edition, 1988).Both of these are not available on line but are worth reading. The MIA would be delighted to publish any previously untranslated material.We have also listed above some of her English copyrighted works, in an attempt make people aware of the number of these we need to get online.

“Freedom only for the supporters of the government, only for the members of one party – however numerous they may be – is no freedom at all.

Its sponsors are BGL BNP Paribas, Banque de Luxembourg, Batipart Invest, BCEE, Mercedes Benz, and POST Luxembourg.

Since December 2012, a cello made by Matteo Goffriller (1659–1742), known as «Le Luxembourgeois», has been placed at the OPL’s disposal by BGL BNP Paribas.

Lux SE becomes the first exchange in the world to list a green bond – issued by the European Investment Bank (EIB) to finance part of its climate projects.

A number of issuers have listed since; in early 2016 Lux SE marked the listing of the 100th green bond.

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OPL concerts are regularly broadcast by Luxembourg radio 100,7 and internationally by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

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