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It will curious to see if Skype is able to keep its Skype Prime Service Providers truly clean and adhering to the TOS. It will be indeed curious to see how much this takes off and whether this does enable people to earn money from the usage.One thing that's missing, curiously, is any kind of mention of a directory. In the meantime, if you have questions about something like, oh, podcast production, for a mere /minute, I'll gladly talk to you...If I create a Skype Prime service, how can others find that? Obviously I can advertise it on my web page, etc., but one would think it would have been integrated into Skype Find or some other (global! Assuming Skype reduces their cut of the action, pays people in a timely manner, and improves the Skype Prime service, there are a few places where Skype Prime could be used to make some money: 1.

The Service Provider Terms of Service actually goes into more details...

It could become it’s own e Commerce platform for automated software (or license key) delivery. Buyer wants a visual confirmation of the item they order, so they call he e Bay seller. pay through Pay Pal, check your email, and get confirmation over the phone of receiving the payment. The usual technical support scenarios by independent consultants. Add something like Webdialogs Untye to the mix for the “let me look over your shoulder” experience. The obvious horoscope/phone sex angles, the top use of 900 numbers.

Would fall right into the kinds of things e Bay does. e Bay seller shows them the item “live,” the seller pays “okay, you can pay now thru Skype.” Buyer clicks, and everyone’s paid. I don’t see the terms of service being a deterrent for anyone setting these kinds of services up. If you want to hook up with a potential mate, it’s going to cost you.

The call then proceeds as a paid Skype Prime call and your Skype Credit is deducted by the appropriate amount that then goes to the receiver’s account.

The provider does not get the call fees directly as Skype Credit — rather, they go into a special holding “box”.

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What is interesting to note is the point Skype makes that this is a service, whereas traditional pay-per-call services are limited to the local nation in which you live. think the regulators in various countries might not be entirely thrilled about this?

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