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And maybe it's the best possible thing, Q-rating wise.But the internal havoc begins just moments after Philippoussis takes residence in the gleaming Los Angeles skyscraper where "The Age of Love" is set.In "The Age of Love" a genial Australian hunk named Mark Philippoussis is made to face a conundrum: Would he rather seek true love with one of seven seasoned, sexually available women in or near their 40s, or with one of several moist-eyed, sexually voracious women in their 20s?

Yes, but while Philippoussis believes he's talking about the women vying for his affections, they're the least of his problems.For Philippoussis, the goal seems to have something to do with brand extension.He's a pretty good tennis player, but at 30, he's nearing the end of his pro circuit days.Standing on a balcony next to a shimmering pool, the tennis player is greeted by a procession of elegant women who have been coached to greet him with special emphasis given to their ages."I was born in 1967, so that makes me 40! Philippoussis' shock is a bit too evident, and it only gets worse when the others turn out to be just as old, and even older.When one turns out to be 48, with a son who is nearly his own age, the tennis player is close to tears."She could be my mom," he says, gloomily, in a post-game interview.

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