No logi sex chat one month dating quotes

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No logi sex chat

I left the shop indicating that she can change now. Suddenly I saw a man coming out from her house and I guessed it was her husband going to office. She was wearing a gown so just remained at the door. After 10 minutes when I rang her bell and she opened the door, I was amazingly surprised to see that she was wearing a green chiffon saree with the same deep neckline blouse. She called me in and said “yeh blouse sach mein bahut comfortable banaya hai aapne”. My naughty self was about to say “Haan agar aap Dogi to kyon nahi Loonga”. All this while she kept smiling to herself in the mirror.

I gave her a call 2 days later and told her that her new blouse is ready. I said “Nahi, jaldi mein hoon kyonki shop kholne ka time ho Gaya hai”. She said “Masterjee, do minute baithiye mein ise try kar ke aati hoon”. I immediately got up and tried to see thru the keyhole. To my utter surprise, she took one boob in each of her hands and played with them while moving her gaand and then immediately covered her face with both her hands in shame.

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From her makeup, bangles, necklace and ring, I could make out that she was recently married. My cock was in action inside my pant behind the table.

From her bra selection, I knew she was attention seeking type. Her navel was visble thru the saree and boobs were protruding out.

She was wearing a black chiffon saree with black blouse and white bra.

So I myself told her that this is to make you feel comfortable while giving measurement. She was facing the mirror and hence could see me watching her back. Expectedly, she was surprised as generally this is not the right question.

Meeting her eyes in the mirror, I asked her confidently to remove the pallu. She said it should be ok type and almost like what she wore right now.

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I said “Sorry Maam, main aapko naya blouse sil doonga aur aap ye bhi rakh lijiye kyonki yeh to mere liye bekaar hai”. Probably she found it easier to interact with a tailor so that her husband does not doubt it. Very hesitantly, she asked me “Masterji, can you deliver it to my house”. While smiling and then shifting my eyes to her chest again I said “Maam aap jo bhi dena chaho de do, pyar se le loonga”. Par aap ek baar try to kar lo kahin kuch loose ya tight na ho”. As soon as she went into the bed room and closed the door, I started peeping thru the keyhole again.

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