Risks of dating a single mother

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Risks of dating a single mother

First of all, there is some evidence that cohabitation increases your risk for breakup and divorce -- if you decide to marry.Secondly, we need to consider the risk to children who may have a negative reaction to multiple caregivers and loss.In my opinion, you need to consider that your child may have established a close bond with your partner so they might experience it as a loss if you break up.

After a month of “emergencies”, Peter* became suspicious and researched his cyber crush.Ask yourself: Am I selling myself short by moving in with my partner?Would cohabitation put my children at risk for more loss?Have regular discussions and share meals together so you can check in about how household issues are going.Before you make the decision about whether or not to cohabitate, consider the risks to your children if it doesn't work out.

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One of the most interesting findings of this study is that young adults who cohabitated had lower levels of commitment than those who marry.