Sam elliott and whoopi goldberg dating who is maryse ouellet dating in real life

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Sam elliott and whoopi goldberg dating

Season three follows the club competing on the show choir circuit, while its members and faculty deal with sex, sexual identity, gender identity, stress, domestic violence, teenage suicide, pregnancy, disabilities, texting while driving, and other social issues.

The series features the New Directions glee club at the fictional William Mc Kinley High School in the town of Lima, Ohio.

Glee club directors Will and Shelby encourage some friendly competition between their clubs, but Santana does not go along with the friendly part and hounds Finn, with disastrous results. The candidates for senior class president debate, and Rachel withdraws from the race, throwing her support behind Kurt.

The election for Mc Kinley High Senior Class President is marred by ballot-box stuffing, and Brittany is declared the winner.

Sam Evans (Chord Overstreet) returns to Mc Kinley High and New Directions at Finn's urging just in time to compete in Sectionals—hosted by Mc Kinley—against stiff competition, which includes Mc Kinley's Troubletones and the Unitards, fronted by Harmony (Lindsay Pearce).

Quinn makes a pivotal decision, and Sebastian plans a second try for Blaine.

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After Mike gets an "A−" on a chemistry test, his father wants him to drop glee club. Mercedes also auditions, but refuses to share the role of Maria with Rachel when the two are to be double-cast; she also quits New Directions, and joins Shelby's rival glee club.

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