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Subscription dating site

Either way, you are looking for a way to finish your online dating session and avoid that you’ll be charged after your cancelation.The process is a bit more complicated than simply pushing a big large exit button, but only a little bit.

First you need to cancel your subscription to make sure you’re no longer being charged, and then cancel your account altogether.

In this case you are typically still able to access your data, browse your existing contacts, but the perks acquired with the premium accounts are gone.

This can be considered as a break from paying the monthly fee.

One often mistakes these two, but there is a significant difference between them.

To put it simply, when you cancel your subscription, you stop paying for the premium membership, and your account is transformed back to its free (but restricted) version.

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The example below for the cancelation of a paid Zoosk subscription on an i Phone demonstrates how this works for subscriptions to dating sites and apps through i OS: Deleting your account permanently isn’t much different from suspending the subscription.

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