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'I met Taylor Swift with my absolute best friends like we said we would do one day. His grandmother, family matriarch, Ethel, 84, even told journalists at a recent Television Critics Association event in Beverly Hills that the family 'should be so lucky' to welcome Swift into the fold.

A lot of where I’m getting this information comes from this highly detailed thread. Vanity Fair Oscar Party - February 27th, 2011It’s unknown whether or not Dianna and Taylor talked at this party, but they both attended.

He also comes back that night to spend the night with her again.

December 22nd 2012 - They meet fans at a restaurant.

August 27th 2013 - A video of Harry being asked about Taylor’s speech at the VMAs (x) is released.

On the same day, an interview in which the reporter teases Harry about Taylor is released (x)Another interview where Harry is asked about Taylor is released (x)October 13th 2014 - Taylor talks about Out Of The Woods (x) October 14th 2014 - Taylor releases the first single off 1989.

Taylor found it funny, and they all laughed about it.

Dianna meets Andrea at Il Pastaio - March 30th, 2012Taylor is the only one papped leaving, but Dianna was noted to have been there in this article.

She also said, “Hi Taylor,” and blew the camera a kiss.October 27th 2014 - Taylor releases 1989 and talks about the strange inspiration for “All You Had To Do Was Stay” (x)October 30th 2014 - Taylor talks about her friendship with Harry (x)One Direction play a game with Yahoo!(x)October 31st 2014 - Taylor talk “Style” with Ryan Seacrest (x)November 5th 2014 - Fan asks Harry if he’s listened to 1989 yet (x)November 7th 2014 - Taylor talks about “that person that floats in and out of your life” (x)November 23rd 2014 - AMAs.Taylor Swift is not the kind of girl who should be rudely barging in on a white veil occasion, but Conor Kennedy is just the type of boy she's willing to come close for! Believe it or not, Conor is a high school student at the ,000 a year New England prep school.2. He Is Still in High School: While Taylor is promoting her upcoming album, Conor will be busy with homework and a rigorous course load at Massachusetts' prestigious Deerfield Academy.

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They were spotted hanging out backstage October 12th 2012 - The boys get asked whether Taylor invited one of them to dinner after a show. (x) On this day he gets the “Things I can” and “Things I can’t” tattoos after Taylor says this: November 29th 2012 - Taylor attends the ARIA Awards where she asks Temper Trap, the band, to write down the lyrics to one of their songs: “Sweet Disposition” because Harry had some lyrics from this song tattooed to his arm and Taylor thought the lyrics on his arm were wrong so she wanted to prove it.

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